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I haven’t noticed it, but my obsession to message boards of forums is now celebrating its 4th year. It started when I was hired on a company who manages the entire network and I am the only one on that department. I’ve been to PCXpress, PinoyPC etc..but there are certain forums that I couldn’t forget. Why? It is because I was able to make a circle of friends even though I haven’t met anyone of them.

PC-Experts.ORG this is one kind of a forum wherein members are promoted as they participate and help co-members with their problems like pc problems, networking, gaming and others. I started out as a recruit and now I am a practitioner hoping to get another star as a Veteran. Members are all helpful to one another, if you are looking for a good place to make some good friends or learn more about computers and the latest technologies login and be a member of this wesbsite.

TipidPC.COM , this forum is mainly for buying and selling of PC items and gadgets it is almost the same as PC-Experts.ORG. Members here requires to be registered not online but verified as well for online transaction or merchandise exchange. I was able to meet new friends from Cavite by being a member of this forum, those are iceman08, ikabod, sandykalugdan, learner, strubar, bartman1973, cyberfunk, a_r_m_a_n_d and jrizaldo.

With the aim of merging all the Caviteños online, I have created a new forum that will reach almost all the Filipinos and Caviteños to any part of the world. Spread the world,


~ by Nathan on September 21, 2007.

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