NMC, what is that?

Hohum! I feel so sleepy on the first part of my shift today, I wonder what can I do feel comfortable and awake?

OMG, it’s 02:00AM, what am I supposed to do?

Oh yeah it’s my training day for the NMC (Network Management Card).  We’ve been waiting for this lately.  I believe you might ask, Why?  Because this would be the next step for us to move and open another pilot LOB, the Business Systems.  It’s been five months already when we all started this pioneer account here as Consumer Systems and all went well, our team is now composed of 30+ agents and we are backed out by almost a hundred of agents in Rhode Island (HQ).  Hopefully when Dona, our manager gets back here from the US she has some great news to tell us.  Like what?  Getting New Hires for Wave 3, 4 & 5 … conducting interviews for the Pilot Team of Business Systems … introducing new benefits for the team … fixing the shuttle problems that we have right now … salary increase … our REGULARIZATION papers to be signed, submitted and approved.

New hires are getting to learn a lot about our products and techniques.  Some of them are happy and some are not.  Is it because of the pay?  or Is it because of the … Two and a half hours more and I’m off.


~ by Nathan on September 22, 2007.

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