Sleepy Head

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Almost four o’clock in the morning, with just 2 hours of sleep I know that I won’t be able to make it. My eyes are telling me to get some rest, customers gets irate with the way I handle the call because instead of troubleshooting their problem I put them on hold and take some rest. Ssshhh…don’t let my manager know.

People here in the company thinks that we are here just to take in calls, they do not know that we are the people responsible taking the SH** from their “expletive deleted”. How I wish that they would be here and take in some calls and make the name good again and retain good customers.

Four more hours and we’re off the phone, another day had passed and just one more day and it is the most joyful day of our lives – the day off. Two days of no work just happy moments. The team is planning for some kinda team building and we are not yet decided if we are going to do paint ball, amazing race, kayaking, hiking, walking and the likes.

Thanks for your time! Nathan.



•September 21, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Business Trends™

I can’t believe it, after a week of selling cold-cuts, chips, rice and value meals me and my wife was able to earn a good amount of money that will help us start another business venture which is “Softdrinks for Sale” / “Soda for Sale”. It doesn’t require a big capital, you can get a case of the Coca-cola “Sakto” for only Php 106.00 which sells at Php 7.00/bottle. We would also sell the big ones which are called “Litro” which sells at Php 37.00/bottle. I do hope that this new business venture will give us a good income.

My wife and I also attended a seminar regarding herbal products. I don’t know if you’ve heard about Kinetic Philippines, Blue Miracle and the likes. They said it could increase your libido and it would be able to make both partners fertile. Hmmmm, makes me think!